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The Primary Recruitment Process takes place during the first two weekends of Spring Semester. Is consists of four rounds that highlight what the Panhellenic Association was founded on and allows every person going through the process to learn about each chapter. At the end of the two weeks, through the mutual selection process, participants will have opportunity to be given their bid on Bid Day and then celebrate with the chapter that they just joined.

To make this process less stressful, Potential New Members will be placed in a group and given at least two Recruitment Guides to assist you through the process. These guides meant to serve as a role model, friend, and resource to support a successful formal recruitment experience. Potential New Members will be assigned a Recruitment Group within 2 weeks after they register for Primary Recruitment.


Meet the Chapters Round: Meet the Chapter’s Round takes place in two parts. You will get a chance to meet all of the Chapters and hear a little bit about what makes each sorority special. Participants will be split up according to their Recruitment Guide groups and will travel with that group throughout the entirety of the recruitment process. Dress for this round is casual. Participants usually wear jeans, a a sweater or shirt, and cute sneakers or boots.


Philanthropy Round: Philanthropy Round will take place at each chapter’s house. During Philanthropy Round you will be working on an activity that benefits the chapter’s philanthropy and talking about the importance of this philanthropy to their chapter. Dress for this round is snappy casual (think brunch). Participants usually wear cute pants (like leather) or dressy jeans, a sweater or flowy top, and heeled boots.


Sisterhood Round:  Sisterhood Round will take place in the chapter houses. This round you will learn about all of the perks of joining a sorority and a sisterhood. You will also hear about the chapters’ emphasis on leadership, service, academics, and sisterhood. Dress for this round is business casual. Participants usually wear skirts or slacks, a nice shirt, and nice flats, boots, or heels.


Preference Round: You will learn more about the unique differences between each chapter, and get a chance to speak in depth with chapter members about their sorority experience. Dress for this round is semi-formal. Participants usually wear professional outfits or dresses, and heels.


Before being considered for membership in any sorority or fraternity organization, every student must have completed at least 12 credit hours earned through regular course enrollment at OSU or a previous institution that are fully matriculated and have good academic standing with the university (a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, no exceptions) are eligible for participation in Formal Membership Recruitment. Please keep in mind that many chapters require a higher GPA to join.

Earned credit hours through advanced placement credit and credit by examination do not count towards the 12 credit hours needed to be eligible for recruitment.

Students transferring from other institutions will only have their previous institution’s grades considered for eligibility if they are participating in recruitment during their first semester at OSU. If a transfer student is participating in recruitment and has grades from OSU then those are the grades that will be considered.  For eligibility, cumulative GPA will be based on the GPA information that is available in the Student Information System (SIS) through the OSU Registrar.

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