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The primary recruitment period for The Ohio State University Panhellenic Association occurs in January during the first two weekends after classes begin. Given that College Panhellenics are only allowed to host one primary recruitment per year, the Panhellenic Association does NOT host a primary fall recruitment. Ohio State does have Informal/COB Recruitment opportunities, so people interested in sorority membership before Primary Recruitment in the fall or following the conclusion of Primary Recruitment in the spring should complete the steps on the Primary Recruitment Registration page

What is C.O.B?

Informal Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is a more casual and unstructured process that only takes place if chapters are eligible and choose to participate. Not every sorority participates and the chapters that choose to participate change per semester.  It does not operate on a set schedule like Primary Recruitment, so each sorority handles its Informal/COB process differently.

Who is Eligible?

All Ohio State University students are eligible to participate in COB provided that: (1) they are enrolled as a full-time student; (2) they have never been initiated into one of the 17 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities at OSU, or on another campus; (3) they have not received a bid during the most recent Primary Recruitment, declined the bid, or broke their pledge; (4) completed 12 collegiate credit hours.

Is it the same as a Snap bid?

No. Snap bidding ends when bids are distributed on Bid Day. Informal/Continuous Open Bidding (COB) begins as soon as Bid Day ends. Furthermore, Snap Bidding is ONLY allowed for those chapters that did NOT meet quota in the bid-matching process of Primary Recruitment. The Snap Bidding process takes place before bids are distributed on Bid Day and eligibility is limited to women who participated in at least the first two days of recruitment (i.e. Meet the Chapters).

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