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Alora Brown

Hello! I am Alora Brown, and I am very honored to currently be serving as the Chapter President of Alpha Sigma Upsilon. We are so thankful for your interest and for stopping to read this letter!

Starting your sorority journey is such an exciting time! I remember starting my search for the right chapter and the thrill of meeting new girls that could potentially become my sisters for life. I can now confidently say that I achieved finding my sisterhood when I joined Alpha Sigma Upsilon. It is such a relief to be with people who have my best interest at heart and will always have my back.

We always strive to foster kindness and have a sisterhood that creates friendships for years to come. We partly do this by supporting our five pillars. These are what we look for in potential new members and the standards we hold for our current members. The pillars are leadership, citizenship, fellowship, scholarship, and sound character. These are the ideals that truly fuel our chapter and have guided us ever since 1995! 

Another important part of Alpha Sigma Upsilon is that we are based in agriculture; however, this does not mean that you must come from a farming or agricultural background! Agriculture covers so many topics spanning from animal sciences to food sciences! Even if you’re just interested in learning more about the industry, we are always willing to help! 

Alpha Sigma Upsilon is always welcoming girls that represent our pillars and those that are looking for lasting friendships. We want to be a sense of home for all of our members! I genuinely hope you enjoy your search for a sisterhood just like I enjoyed mine and if you are interested in learning more about our sorority always feel free to reach out!


With Love, 

Alora Brown

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