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Elizabeth Fannin

Hello from Alpha Sigma Upsilon!


I am Elizabeth Fannin, the 2024 President of Alpha Sigma Upsilon at The Ohio State
University. Alpha Sigma Upsilon is truly one of a kind, being that we are a local sorority!
In more ways than one, we strive to provide a safe, welcoming environment for anyone
interested in finding community in OSU Greek Life.


I joined Alpha Sigma Upsilon the second semester of my freshman year via informal
recruitment, and at the time I had no clue how much it would change my life.
Immediately, I was surrounded by compassionate women who were interested in seeing
me succeed. As someone who had never considered Greek Life and went to a
recruitment event on a whim, I was surprised by how I instantly felt like I found a home.


Since then, I have seen Alpha Sigma Upsilon grow in membership, leadership, and
scholarship. Our members are dedicated to cultivating a sisterhood that holds members
accountable for their academics and sound character. Since 1995, Alpha Sigma Upsilon
has been a sorority that has room for everyone! We welcome and encourage diverse
backgrounds and interests into our organization.


Our roots are in agriculture, but we have flourished and grown into a sorority with
membership across the university. I want to emphasize that you don’t have to have a
major or background within the agricultural industry. Our purpose is to educate and
inform, and there are many facets in which we do so! Most notably is our philanthropic
work with Columbus Humane and Farm Aid.


I speak for my chapter when I say that I hope you can find a sorority that is the right fit
for you. Greek Life and Alpha Sigma Upsilon has given me countless opportunities to be
a student leader and become a strong support system for my peers. More so, I can
genuinely be myself when I am with my sisters, creating memories that will last a
lifetime. I feel more equipped to thrive in the real world because of Alpha Sigma


With all the love from my sisters and I,
Elizabeth Fannin, 2024 Alpha Sigma Upsilon President

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