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Lydia Sanders

Hi, welcome to Pi Phi! 


My name is Lydia Sanders and I have the honor of serving as Chapter President for the Ohio Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi. I can’t wait to give you a little glimpse into what makes Pi Phi so special!


The second I sat down at 1845 during recruitment, I knew I had found my home. I was filled with the feeling that each and every woman there was rooting for me, and a year later, I can say that this feeling has only grown. Pi Phi’s sisterhood is centered around this same sense of unconditional support and encouragement that I felt on that day. Whether you’re looking for your biggest cheerleader or someone that can make you laugh uncontrollably, even on your worst days, you will find it at Pi Phi. This place and these people truly feel like my personal rays of sunshine, and I can’t wait for you to feel this, too. 


I can say with confidence that making the choice to go through recruitment has forever changed my life. Throughout this experience, I have been motivated to become a better version of myself. I can’t even begin to explain how empowering it feels to know I have over 200 sisters cheering me on as I go. I am forever indebted to Pi Phi for not only permitting, but encouraging this growth, and allowing me to do so alongside the people I have grown to love with my entire heart. 


I can speak for the whole PHA community when I say we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms, or for you to find your perfect place, the one with people that feel like your very own rays of sunshine.


Pi Phi love and mine,


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