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Sydney Frank

Welcome to the Rho Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi here at the Ohio State University! My
name is Sydney Frank, and I am thrilled to be chapter president. I am beyond excited to
begin this journey and grow alongside my amazing chapter.

Like many of you, I approached recruitment with a mix of excitement and nerves. I wasn't
sure where I would end up, but from the moment I walked into the phouse, I knew I had
found my home. Despite not knowing many people initially, I was welcomed with open
arms into a community where I could be my authentic self.

AEPhi has given me countless reasons to be grateful. The sisterhood I've found here is truly
something special and has made my college experience a million times better. It's incredible
to think that people I barely knew a year ago are now the ones I can't imagine my life

As you embark on your own recruitment journey, remember to keep an open mind. It's
natural to feel nervous, but remember that each conversation is an opportunity to find your
place and your people. Embrace the experience, and you may just find your forever home
like I found mine in AEPhi.

I’m rooting for each and every one of you as you enter this next stage of your college
experience. I wish you all the best of luck!

Sydney Frank

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