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Shelby Fisher


Welcome to the Rho Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi here at the Ohio State University! My name is Shelby Fisher, and I am thrilled to be chapter president. I am beyond excited to begin this journey and grow alongside my amazing chapter. 

Going through recruitment was something that I was always incredibly nervous about, and I had no idea where I was going to end up. However, the second I talked with girls in AEPhi, I knew that this was the place I needed to be. Coming into this chapter not knowing many people seemed like it was going to be a very intimidating experience, but it was far from that. Everyone became so welcoming and eager to make me feel at home. I would have never imagined that I would find a place where I could wholeheartedly be myself and alongside amazing people. 

AEPhi has given me many things to be grateful for. The strong sense of sisterhood has allowed me to find those people that have become my best friends and people I can’t imagine going through college without. AEPhi has given me such valuable leadership experience as well as a sense of belonging. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I went through the recruitment process to find my forever place. 

The recruitment process as a whole can be very nerve-wracking, but do not freak out. Some big pieces of advice I can give would be to have an open mind, no preconceived notions, and to trust the process. While they are the most cliche pieces of advice, it is what truly will help anyone find their home like I found AEPhi. Thank you all for taking the time to read my words, and best of luck with everything! 


Shelby <3

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