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Gianna Strano

Hi everyone!
I am Gianna Strano, and it is a privilege to serve as the President of the Beta Nu chapter of
Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am thrilled to extend the bond and sense of community we have
cultivated here at 55 to all of you.

Transitioning from the close-knit high school community to a large university can be challenging
for many freshmen. Arriving at Ohio State without knowing anyone, I yearned for a supportive
group to lean on. Impulsively, I decided to explore Greek Life by participating in recruitment.

Reflecting on my recruitment journey, I was touched by the enthusiasm displayed by active
members towards Mental Health America and its personal importance to them. Witnessing the
authentic interactions during Sisterhood, where older members bonded effortlessly, made me
realize how Kappa could enrich my life. The strong sisterhood I observed confirmed that I had
found my place. Joining the Beta Nu chapter opened doors for personal growth that I had not
experienced before. Surrounded by women who shared my values of sisterhood and
philanthropy, I flourished.

I had the privilege of attending Kappa Leadership Academy, allowing me to witness the true
essence of being a Kappa. Meeting fellow members from across the country and experiencing
how our shared community instantly connected us, despite being strangers just the day before,
was inspiring. I saw firsthand how being part of this organization could shape my future by
providing a network of passionate, confident, and authentic women on an international scale.

We want you to feel like yourself when walking into 55, not changing anyone from who they are.
Our goal is to foster connections that last a lifetime within the welcoming environment of the
Dreamhouse. We support each other in pursuing our aspirations without asking anyone to change
who they are. Additionally, we encourage using the knowledge gained to advocate for Mental
Health America, engage with the community, and embrace leadership opportunities.

On behalf of everyone at 55, we are excited to open our doors and share our home with you!

Gianna Strano
President of the Beta Nu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma

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