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Claire Barkett

Dear PNMs,

My name is Claire Barkett and I have had the honor to serve as the Chapter President of the Beta Xi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. I am so glad you have decided to visit our page and to learn more about our amazing chapter. 

When I was in your shoes 2 years ago, I was nervous and intimidated. I had no idea what to expect and I had trouble believing that I could find a home in a sorority. Joining Gamma Phi Beta proved that I could find a home in a sorority. I have met the most amazing women in this chapter, and I feel like I can truly be myself. In Gamma Phi Beta, I found women who were kind, funny, supportive, and unique. I found women who would be there for me at my happiest moments and at my darkest times. I found my forever family. 

Gamma Phi Beta has allowed me to give back to my community as well as experience all that Ohio State has to offer. Between volunteering and raising money for Girls on The Run to volunteering at local food banks, I feel even more connected to the Columbus area. Without joining Gamma Phi Beta, I would not be able to give as much back to my community nor would I be able to see the smiles on the girls faces as they accomplish their goal of finishing the GOTR 5k race. 

I cannot express how much Gamma Phi Beta means to me. It has taught me how to be an effective leader, a kind sister to all and a confident woman. Gamma Phi has shaped me into the person I am today, and I would not be where I am today without my chapter. 

I promise you that you will find your forever home like I did and the feeling of running home to your new family will be the greatest feeling in the world. You will become a better version of yourself as you go through your collegiate experience, and you will form some of the strongest relationships you will ever have. I am so lucky to have been able to be a part of such an amazing organization and to be loved unconditionally by my sisters. 

Thank you so much again for visiting our page and I hope to meet you all someday. 



Claire Barkett

Chapter President- Beta Xi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta 

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