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Bre Luca

Hello and welcome to the Beta Xi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta!


My name is Bre Luca and I have the privilege and honor to serve as the chapter president during our 150th year as an organization!


My freshman year I wasn’t making those lifelong connections that everyone told me I would find
in college. I had a lot of acquaintances and friends from classes but no one I felt like I could truly
be myself around. When I ran home to Gamma Phi I was welcomed with open arms! In just a
few short weeks I had met my forever friends and people who feel like family. I have never had
such a strong support system with people who are constantly wanting to build strong girls.


Not only did Gamma Phi give me the opportunity to meet such incredibly strong women, but it
also educated me on what it is like to work face to face with our philanthropy, Girls on the Run.
From being a coach at Moonball to talking to the girls participating in the 5k, our philanthropy
changed the way I view myself and how I want to give back to others around me. We like to
build our “star power” which is more or less instilling constant confidence and love for yourself
and others.


Joining the greek community and going through recruitmen can be intimidating and this may
sound cheesy but your forever home and family are so excited to meet you and welcome you to
their chapter! Thank you for letting me and Gamma Phi be a part of your journey, we are all so
excited to meet you! Let your heart guide you and you will find where you are meant to be. I
hope you find a home to show you as much love as my home in Gamma Phi did for me :)


Bre Luca

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