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Lauren Greenwald

Hello and welcome to Zeta Tau Alpha! I am Lauren Greenwald, and it is my distinct honor to serve as the President of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha here at The Ohio State University. As you embark on the recruitment process, I want to extend a warm welcome to each of you.

Our sisterhood is founded on the principle of loving one another, which is what drew me to join ZTA during my own recruitment journey. Coming to Ohio State as a freshman from Massachusetts in 2021, I sought a community of strong, supportive women who felt like home, and that's exactly what I found in Zeta Tau Alpha.

Recruitment is more than just finding a sorority; it's about discovering a sisterhood where you'll find support, friendship, and personal growth. While it's natural to feel excited and nervous, I encourage you to stay positive and be yourself. Trust the process, and you'll find your people just as I did two years ago.

Our chapter is comprised of remarkable women who embody strength, confidence, and determination. Together, we support each other in achieving our dreams and share values that form lifelong bonds. Since joining, I've found a family of women who uplift me, make me laugh, and support me unconditionally.

I am incredibly grateful to have found a place that I can call home with women who share my values, and I am confident that you will find your place too. Wishing you all the best in the recruitment process, and I hope you will find a place to call home at The Ohio State University.

Zeta Love and Mine,

Lauren Greenwald

President of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha

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