What is a Recruitment Guide?

A recruitment guide (Rho Gam) is a member of the Panhellenic community who unbiasedly help PNMs through the primary recruitment process. They maintain contact with the women from when they register for recruitment up until Bid Day. They are meant to serve as a role model and friend through the process and establish a connection for even it’s over.


Our Recruitment Guides remain affiliated with the purpose of promoting the overall Panhellenic community and being an asset to PNMs.


Some of their roles and responsibilities are:

  • Work to make each Potential New Member’s recruitment

        experience enjoyable and memorable

  • To promote a positive attitude toward all Panhellenic

        Association chapters and the rest of Ohio State Sorority

        & Fraternity Life.

  • Offer guidance to Potential New Members and assist with

        individual situations throughout all of recruitment.

  • To work with the Vice President of Recruitment Guides,

       Director of Recruitment Guides, and the Vice President for

       Recruitment of any major problems or concerns

  • To help explain the mechanics of recruitment to Potential

       New Members and assist when needed.


You can follow our Recruitment Guides on Instagram to see

what they are up to within our Panhellenic community @osu_rg


Applications are open now for the 2022 Primary Recruitment


Apply Here


The Recruitment Guide Timeline

Recruitment Guides are selected through an application and interview process which begins after the end of the previous recruitment period. After being selected, Recruitment Guides will take a course during the autumn semester which helps to train, prepare, and educate our Recruitment Guides on the social change model and being a leader in our community. Throughout this time we hold our Recruitment Guides to high expectations as they take on service projects, assist at Sorority & Fraternity Life events, and other major events across The Ohio State University’s community. By the time the Primary Recruitment period approaches Recruitment Guides will have created a sisterhood of their own and are ready to lead Potential New Members through the recruitment process.

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