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Panhellenic Life


The Panhellenic Association (PHA), which is part of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), serves as the governing council to 18 national sororities at The Ohio State University. The council consists of over 2,000 sorority women and is responsible for promoting positive relations between sororities, coordinating council-wide activities, formal recruitment, informal recruitment, and the council’s annual philanthropic event benefiting the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation.

Built on four pillars of community, leadership, scholarship, and service, the PHA strives to hold prominent leadership positions within the Ohio State community, hold a higher GPA compared with the overall student body, and complete over 13,000 service hours each year. In addition, the council is dedicated to providing its members with endless leadership, friendship, and community service opportunities.

Among the council-wide activities PHA coordinates multiple events including Panhellenic Sisterhood Week and Panhellenic Week of Service. For Panhellenic Sisterhood Week, the council coordinates events focusing on the pillars of the association: sisterhood, community service, leadership, and scholarship. Held during each semester, Panhellenic Week of Service allows all PHA women to focus on service initiatives within the community.



The Ohio State University Panhellenic Association and each individual chapter requires minimum GPAs to be eligible active members. There are many resources available to members of our community to help them manage their academic and professional endeavors.

The greek community grade point average has historically been above the all-undergraduate average at The Ohio State University. Sorority and fraternity men and women consistently strive to achieve academic success and grow in the number of leadership roles held on campus.

Additionally, academic scholarships are available for potential new members and active chapter members

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Joining Greek life gives women endless opportunities to involve themselves. The Panhellenic Association encourages women to take leadership positions in their own chapters, on the council, and in the greater Ohio State community. Sorority women are involved in countless clubs and student organizations including but not limited to, the Undergraduate Student Government, OUAB, BuckeyeThon, The Ohio Staters, Inc., Student Leadership Advocates, and University Ambassadors. Panhellenic women are also involved in class honoraries, service initiatives, university research projects, and participate in a variety of athletic teams and clubs.

Educational and leadership programming is an incredibly important part of Greek life as it allows our members to grow into leaders and create positive change in our community. Each chapter has their own educational and leadership programming, such as chapter retreats, conferences, and workshops. Over the past year, some individual chapter leadership programming include resume workshops, calendar planning sessions, StrengthsQuest retreats and personal development workshops.The Panhellenic Association, alongside the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, strive to give opportunities for sorority women to learn their best leadership skills and networking through a variety of opportunities. Starting right after the huge intake from Formal Recruitment, members are offered classes and sessions that correspond with recently joining the ever-growing community that teach how they can make a huge difference in their chapter and within our community.

Starting the following summer, members are able to attend nationally recognized Greek-conferences such as Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) and Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference (AFLV), as well as Ohio State-based leadership conferences, such as Buckeye Greek Leadership Institute (BGLI), Chapter President Leadership Institute (CPLI), the Greek Diversity Retreat (GDR) and Go! Conference.

All chapters have their own national conferences and leadership retreats to attend. Bonding with members all over the country, these opportunities are wonderful ways to development leadership beyond what Ohio State solely offers. The Panhellenic Association encourages every member to attend their national conference at least one during their collegiate years.

Sorority Life helps develop leadership and confidence that will be instrumental in the success of leaders within our chapters, council, university, after graduation. The skills that you develop in a Sorority will help during your collegiate years, your career and home life, and throughout the rest of your life. When joining sorority life, you are setting yourself up for success as a future leader.



Here at The Ohio State University, we, as Panhellenic women, strive to better our community, as well as ourselves, through philanthropic events that benefit various causes. Each individual chapter hosts a number of events throughout the year that are open to all members of the Ohio State community, as well as those outside of it. Such events include sporting tournaments, food sales, carnival games, and many more.


These events allow Sorority Women to support one another’s causes and gain a full appreciation for the hard work each woman puts into her individual sorority. In addition, these provide an opportunity for Greek unity amongst all chapters, which is something that we pride ourselves on at OSU. The organizations that Panhellenic supports and benefit include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research, Autism Speaks, Girl Scouts, The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and many more. It is not only important to recognize the incredible amount of money that Panhellenic women raise, but also the hands-on aspect of the philanthropies. Each sorority maintains a strong connection to those they help, and do not simply write a check. Panhellenic women love serving their community and helping others and it shows in their commitment to their philanthropies.



Every chapter at The Ohio State University is full of individually unique members with diverse backgrounds. No sorority is the same, however, each chapter shares a common bond of unconditional support and sisterhood within their organization and within the entire Panhellenic community.

Sisterhood is built upon grounds of common values and goals. To join a sorority is to experience inseparable, and often indescribable, relationships with other collegiate women that support and encourage you to be the best woman you can be. Chapters build sisterhood through weekly chapter meetings, character development, internal sisterhood events and everyday interactions.

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