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Claire Studenka

Dear PNMs,


Welcome to the Sigma Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta at The Ohio State University! My name is
Claire Studenka and I currently serve as the chapter president. Being able to lead the amazing
women in my chapter has been both an honor and a privilege, and I am so lucky to have
undertaken this position during my time at Ohio State.


When I went through the recruitment process over two years ago now, I had little to zero
knowledge about Greek Life at Ohio State. As an in-state student, I knew a couple of older girls
involved, but went in with no expectations. From the very first day at Meet the Chapters, Kappa
Delta raised those expectations in the most amazing way. I found myself looking forward to
every rush event, and being able to meet more of the members that made up the amazing
chapter that I am now a part of. Conversations with the women of Kappa Delta were like
conversations with girls I had known forever, and it was then I knew that I had found my forever
home and forever people.


Over the past two years, Kappa Delta has brought me endless memories, filled with laughter,
excitement, and the absolute best of friends I could have hoped to meet at Ohio State. It
provided me with encouragement when I was feeling down, and my biggest supporters in all
aspects of my college career. I knew that Kappa Delta was something very special right from the
start, and watching the chapter grow and evolve over the past few years has been an incredible


One of the main goals in Kappa Delta is to inspire confidence in women, and that same ideal is
visible in the daily actions of every girl in the chapter. If you had asked me my freshman year if I
thought I would one day become the president of my sorority, my immediate answer would have
been no. Now, as a junior, I have grown into a strong and confident leader, something I don’t
believe I would have been able to do without the girls in Kappa Delta. This chapter has allowed
me to have the most amazing college and sorority experience thus far, and I cannot imagine
what my life would look like without it. KD inspires me to be the very best version of myself
everyday, and I am so excited to see how our chapter will grow within the next year. I hope that
every single girl that goes through the recruitment process is able to feel the same comfort I felt
when I talked to the girls in KD, and trust that everything happens for a reason, and that you will
find your forever home.


Claire :)

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