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You will find your home away from home.

The Ohio State University has the fifth-largest student population of all U.S. colleges. With nearly 60,000 peers, Ohio State students often feel lost in a sea of people. Panhellenic membership will help you to find your home in the Ohio State community.


The core values of your chapter will serve to unite you with your sisters and siblings. These people will likely become some of your most loyal friends—not just in college, but for life. Even if you don’t talk to every sibling regularly, you will always have a community to call when you're in need.


You will give back to your community.

The strong emphasis upon philanthropy and service within Sorority & Fraternity Life is special. Your membership will require engagement with philanthropy and service, which are often members' favorite aspects of their organizations.



You will be surrounded by hardworking, smart students.

The average cumulative GPA for Panhellenic members is 3.60. In addition to surpassing the average for all undergraduate women (3.47), we also achieved a higher average than all other Greek councils.


Each chapter builds a network of academic support for members through offering study tables and providing a community full of people with different academic interests and strengths. It is very common for members to help and even tutor one another. Scholarship chairs sometimes also offer rewards and incentives to encourage achievement!


You will be prepared for life after college.

The sorority experience allows you to meet and network with so many people in your chapter, our Greek community, and our entire campus. You will begin to develop strong interview skills as a potential new member, which will continue to grow throughout your membership experience. Sorority membership also facilitates strong time management because active members learn how to juggle their chapter life with their academics and extracurricular

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