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Morgan Budovsky

My name is Morgan Budovsky and I am so honored to have the privilege of serving as
Delta Zeta’s Chapter President. I am so happy you visited our chapter’s page to see
what makes the Delta Zeta Theta Chapter so special!


Freshman year I decided to join a sorority with the hopes of finding a group of strong
women to surround myself with, similar to what I had at my all-girls high school.
Preference round at DZ was the moment I knew I had truly found the community and
sisterhood I was looking for! From Bid Day to the day I moved into our house with my
incredible PC, to being elected President, I have had so many wonderful experiences
and made so many memories with people who mean so much to me!


Delta Zeta has helped me to grow in so many ways that I never would have imagined! If
you had asked me three years ago if my goal was to be President of a sorority I
definitely would have said no, but over the past few years, the women I met have
inspired me to put my all into the chapter that has shaped me into who I am today. Not
only have I made the most amazing friends and been surrounded by so many role
models, but I have also been able to learn priceless leadership skills and the importance
of personal philanthropic partners.


As Delta Zetas, we live by six core values: Friendship, Community, Generosity,
Curiosity, Empowerment, and Belonging. The values that Delta Zeta carries truly make
our sisterhood one that I will forever be proud to belong to, and I have seen these in
every woman in our chapter. Every woman I have met has taught and shown me these
values in all aspects of their lives.


Our chapter is filled with over 160 women, each offering a unique perspective on what it
means to be a Delta Zeta. Although we come from different backgrounds, we all value
our sisterhood so deeply and encourage one another to be our most genuine selves. I
now have a treasure trove of silly, fun, and special memories with my sisters that I will
cherish forever, and I can truly attribute it to being a part of this wonderful chapter.


With love that is ever steadfast,


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