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About Our Philanthropy 

Our Philanthropy is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).  LLS is a nonprofit organization that works to fund research, find cures, and ensure access to treatment for blood cancer patients of all ages.  Phi Sigma Rho is involved with LLS through fundraising, supporting, and educating.  The largest event we participate in is LLS' Light the Night event held each fall in Columbus.  It is an event and walk to promote community and provide support for those impacted by blood cancer.  It recognizes people actively battling blood leukemia and lymphoma and honors people who has passed.  This year our chapter raised $5,513.69 for Light the Night through donations and our fundraising events throughout the year.  Our two large fundraising events this year were Phi Sigma ChurRhos and Lemonade for Leukemia.  Phi Sigma ChurRhos took place during the Spring 2021 semester.  It was a ChurRho delivery service to students both on campus and in the nearby campus area.  Lemonade for Leukemia took place this semester, Fall 2021, and was a lemonade stand and raffle that took place on the Oval.

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