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Hello everyone!


I have had the pleasure of serving as the President of the Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma Rho this year.  Phi Sigma Rho began at Purdue University in 1984, and the Beta Chapter at Ohio State was established in 1988.  Our sorority is for women in engineering majors and engineering-related fields, and we are an affiliate chapter of PHA. Our core values are friendship, scholarship, and encouragement; we rise to challenges and support one another as we work to achieve our goals.  


Entering my freshman year as an out-of-state student, I was searching for a community that would understand the difficulty of my discipline and create strong bonds because of those shared experiences of being an engineering student.  In the spring of my freshman year, I rushed Phi Sigma Rho, and I have not looked back. 


Once I found Phi Rho, I realized that I wasn’t alone, and that so many other women were walking through the fire 

as well.  I found people that were able to support me and challenge me to be a better person. I found people that taught me the importance of strength, resilience, and hard work. I found people that knew exactly what to do to brighten my day.  The past three years in Phi Rho have honestly been a blessing.  I am so thankful for this community at Ohio State.  I want to extend that same support and love that I felt the last two years to more women who are on the road to brilliant and amazing achievements.  


If you would like to learn more about us, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @phisigmarho_osu.  I am excited to see you during our next recruitment season beginning in January of 2022!




Natalie Valko

President of the Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma Rho

B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering ‘22

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