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About Our Philanthropy 

Since 2015, Delta Zeta has been partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This has enabled us to support the organization so that they can continue to give hearing aid fittings, expand their global programs, train and educate governments on hearing, hearing loss and hearing aids, and even initiate several national hearing healthcare plans. Our fundraising will support student scholarships so that Starkey may continue to train the next hearing healthcare professionals. However, here at Delta Zeta, we have expanded our philanthropy to not just speech and hearing awareness, but to the children as well!


Much of our proceeds also go to the Serious Fun Children’s Network, which is composed of 30 camps and programs around the world. This organization allows children to rediscover their childhood through fun, safe, and accessible summer camps! Locally, we support Flying Horse Farms, where children with serious illnesses can experience a new independence and a sense of belonging. It is our ultimate joy to help provide these adventures to these children so that they can experience everything cost-free. In the future, we hope to see you guys come support not just Delta Zeta, but speech and hearing along with the promise of fun for children everywhere!

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