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About Our Philanthropy 

Chi Omega National Fraternity has been partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the past 20 years, and has raised millions of dollars to help bring the most impactful moments of children’s lives to fruition. Here at the Chi Omega Zeta Alpha chapter, we make it our goal to raise as much awareness about our life-changing philanthropy as possible, both within and outside of the Greek community. Although we raise thousands of dollars and donate countless hours to the children of Make-A-Wish, there are certain events that we are incredibly proud of that showcase our support to the cause. During our annual Wish Week this year alone, we raised over $36,000 and were able to grant three wishes for children and families in need of hope during a difficult time in their lives. Towards the end of that week, we put on our annual Make-A-Wish Gala to celebrate our achievements as a chapter and share how much our philanthropy means to us. We engage the Greek community in our efforts, holding wing-eating competitions between fraternities and sororities as well as selling hot chocolate on the oval to our peers, all for Make-A-Wish. The ability to interact with and grant wishes for families facing a critical illness is truly a blessing, and our chapter is so lucky to be a part of something so special. Not only are we fundraising for these wishes, we are enacting them in real time and playing a significant role in the process. For that we are so grateful, because seeing our hard work pay off and brighten the day of a family in need is the ultimate reward and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Apart from Make-A-Wish, we also participate in a variety of community service opportunities around the Columbus community, giving back to those we share a neighborhood with. Food bank trips, hygienic product drives, and card writing to the elderly are just a few of our favorite ways to serve Columbus and make our community a more equitable, safe, and happy space. Giving back has always been such an integral part of our chapter, and we will always make it a priority.

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