Hi Potential New Members! My name is Abby Jarrold and I am the current president of the Beta
Nu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am so excited you have chosen to join Greek Life and
cannot wait to welcome you into the Panhellenic community!

As someone that was unsure of whether Greek life was the place for me, I can tell you with great
certainty that I never regretted my decision to join a sorority. My experience in the Greek
community has been nothing short of amazing. From finding my most valued friends, to
uncovering my true leadership capabilities, Greek life has encouraged me to be the greatest
version of myself. While Greek life has given me a space to feel this way, Kappa has given me a
home in which to grow.

Joining Kappa Kappa Gamma truly enhanced my college

experience and continues to make me proud of my decision to go Kappa. This sorority has given me the opportunity to experience true friendships, powerful loyalty, unwavering dedication, and authentic leadership. Kappa has not only taught me how to be an empowered leader, but it has taught me how to dream boldly and fully: our core aspirations as an organization. My passion for Kappa and the women of the chapter drove me to become president of Beta Nu, but more importantly it has driven me to embody what it means to be a woman in Kappa. By nurturing personal growth, working toward academic excellence, developing my leadership skills, cultivating social responsibility, and celebrating individual diversity I have done just that. Kappa has always been the place for me and my wish for you that you find your place through the recruitment process!


The Greek community is an incredible space to grow personally, develop friendships
communally, and instill strong values that will carry you beyond your college years. Kappa has
proved that to me again and again and I am sure your chosen sorority will make you feel the
same way. All the women in the Kappa organization are thrilled you have chosen to be a part of
this extraordinary community and cannot wait for you to find your place within the Panhellenic
community here at Ohio State!

Abby Jarrold
President of the Beta Nu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma

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