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Dear Potential New Members,


I am so excited that you’re considering joining Greek Life! Whether you’re confident about recruitment or not, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Personally, I was very apprehensive about joining Greek Life, but all my hesitations disappeared after the first round. I knew that no matter which chapter I joined, I was going to find my people. I felt at home in Chi Omega from the very first conversation I had, and I am so glad that I trusted my gut. Enter the process with an open mind, and go where you feel celebrated, not just tolerated. The recruitment process is a once in a lifetime experience, and the outcome will be so worth it, I promise. In Chi Omega I have found my life long best friends, and I have made the fondest memories that I am so grateful for. Good luck everyone!


Mackenzie Berryman

Chi Omega President

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