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Welcome to the Chi Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. My name is Caitlin Swallow, and I proudly serve as the Chapter President. The sisters here at AOII are an intelligent, diverse, and enthusiastic group of women, and we cannot wait to meet you in such a short amount of time!

When I look back at my time here at Ohio State, I can see that AOII has taken up such a large part of this experience. When I began school here in 2018, I hardly expected myself to be joining a sorority and wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for me. I am very proud to say that I did end up joining Alpha Omicron Pi in January 2019, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my time at this university. Despite going into this process with apprehension, at AOII, I was greeted with smiling faces, open arms, and sisterly love that was incomparable to anything else. I knew immediately that I had made the correct decision by joining.


The saying is, “It’s not just for four years – it’s for life.”

This couldn’t be more true!! Not only has this sorority given me my forever best friends, it has also given me many leadership opportunities and networks that will stick with me after graduation. In addition to Chapter President, I have served as the PHA delegate and have served on many committees – each having taught me many things!

Alpha Omicron Pi prides itself on many things, but one of the greatest ones is diversity. Each one of our women come from different places, backgrounds, cultures, etc. We are all studying different things, playing different sports, and engaging in different community groups. We celebrate these differences and let them bring us all closer together.

For those of you considering going through recruitment – I encourage you to at least give it a shot! What is there to lose? If you do choose to go through, I recommend having an open mind the whole way through, and to “trust the process”. It’s lengthy, but so so worth it.

Thank you so much for visiting our page! I hope it gives you a closer look into our sisterhood and what we value as a chapter. I hope to see you this upcoming January!

Alpha Love,

Caitlin Swallow
President – Chi Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi

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