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Hannah Reich

Hello, and welcome to the Psi Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta here at Ohio State. I am Hannah Reich,
and it is such an honor to serve as the 2024 Chapter President of Alpha Xi Delta. I am beyond
excited to give each and every one of you an insight into the home of Alpha Xi Delta.

As a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, you will embrace endless opportunities to empower yourself and
others while making a positive impact on campus and in the community. As a freshman and
transfer student going through the recruitment process, I only hoped that I could find a
sisterhood as welcoming, supportive, and genuine as I did at Alpha Xi Delta. Through joining
Alpha Xi, I have formed lifelong friendships that I can rely on during both the highs and lows of
college. I began my college journey as an overwhelmed and intimidated girl, and have grown
into a strong and passionate sister. No matter where you end up, I cannot wait for you to find
this same feeling.

Our commitment to academic excellence, leadership development, and philanthropy will allow
you to grow into a well-rounded individual. Not only do we strive for our sisters to excel within
the Alpha Xi Delta community, but within their own lives and other communities as well. At Alpha
Xi, you will find a network of driven and ambitious women who will inspire and uplift you each
and every step of the way.

During my time as a member and as Chapter President of Alpha Xi Delta, I have grown in
unimaginable ways. My memories and experiences at Alpha Xi have truly enriched my college
journey, making it something I will always be grateful for. I am beyond excited for all of you to
find your forever home, and know that you have countless girls waiting to offer you their
unparalleled support here at Alpha Xi Delta.

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