Hello and welcome to Alpha Chi Omega at The Ohio State University!


I have the honor and privilege of serving the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega as Chapter President.


Originally when coming to Ohio State, I felt as though I was just another individual lost in the crowd. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio, which is about a twenty-minute drive from campus and really struggled to make this big campus really feel like a second home. It was not until going through recruitment that my entire Ohio State experience was transformed, and I truly felt like I could call this university home. Alpha Chi Omega is where I found comfort, support, and a safe environment to be myself. The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega have pushed me to be my best self and discover how I can truly grow to become a real strong woman.


Each of our approximate 154 members brings something extremely unique to this chapter. Whether it is their major, interests, passions, or personalities, there has never been, and never will be a “Cookie-Cutter Alpha Chi Omega.” While each woman in this chapter provides something different, they are all the most driven, high-achieving, and supportive people I have ever been around. At the end of the day, the bond we share in sisterhood and passion for philanthropy are what unites us all. Every woman in this chapter immensely cares for the other which is something I immediately experienced when I entered our red door and walked into our chapter house. The bond of our sisterhood warms my heart, and I am truly honored to wear the lyre badge and to call myself a sister of Alpha Chi Omega.


When you are going through the recruitment process, keep an open mind because the place you will eventually call home is exactly where you are meant to be. Get so excited for what is to come.




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